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23 Jun – 4 Sep 16

A Kingdom of Hours

With: Peggy AhweshTeresa BurgaWilson Díaz, Nilbar GüresWilliam E JonesCandice Lin and Patrick StaffPriscilla MongeSolange PessoaEmilia PrietoCecilia Vicuña and Osías YanovMore


8 Jul – 4 Sep 16


Over the course of the next two months, Gasworks will act as a courier for LIGHT LOGISTICS, hosting the periodicals and publications in our entrance foyer, with the intention of playing an active part in the circulation and dissemination of these works.  More

Coming Soon


22 Sep – 11 Dec 16

Candice Lin: A Body Reduced to Brilliant Colour

Candice Lin presents a new living sculpture for her first UK solo exhibition. Assembled from hacked household objects, the installation boils, ferments and distills colonial trade goods such as tea and sugar, transforming them into a blood-like fluid which spills out on to the gallery floor. More

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