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17 Mar – 29 May 16

Sidsel Meineche Hansen: SECOND SEX WAR

A solo exhibition and seminar series convened by London-based artist Sidsel Meineche Hansen.The exhibition explores the commodity status of 3D bodies in X-rated digital image production while also reflecting on the artist’s working conditions and relationships – with her peers, the avatar EVA v3.0, Gasworks and digital arts studio Werkflow Ltd. More

Forthcoming Exhibitions


23 Jun – 4 Sep 16

A Kingdom of Hours

A group show exploring how artists disrupt conventional chronologies. Artists: Peggy Ahwesh (USA), Teresa Burga (Peru), Wilson Díaz (Colombia), Nilbar Güreş (Turkey), Emilia Prieto (Costa Rica), Cecilia Vicuña (Chile), Osías Yanov (Argentina) and others.  More

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