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2 September 1999 - 3 October 1999

Heike Baranowsky
Don Bury
Stuart Croft
Abel Jackson
Amory Peart

Projection featured video artists and film-makers in a rolling programme which explored the power of the projected image, the glamour of cinema and the relationship of viewer and artist to the screen.

Heike Baranowsky
explored the boundaries of still photography, video art and computer technology, whilst reworking the banality of our surroundings. Baranowsky went on to present a solo exhibition at Entwistle Contemporary, London in November 1999.

Don Bury's work cut and pasted mainstream movies such as Top Gun to remove all female presence, conveying a homoerotic yet subversive presence. Bury completed his MA at Goldsmiths in 1999. Bury was invited to take part in a group show in Paris in 1999.

Stuart Croft made a new work for Projection. In The Everlasting, Croft took the genre of short independent film-making and collapsed its boundaries by fusing it with a fictional corporate promo video in order to explore guilt, compassion and infidelity. Croft is developing a new film for presentation at the Photographer's Gallery, London in Spring 2000.

Abel Jackson
presented work which foregrounded his own body, reflecting the artist's interest in dance. Jackson graduated from Byam Shaw in 1999, and was invited to participate in two group shows in London subsequent to Projection.

Amory Peart's
Piccadilly Pickups opened debate on the borders between art and pornography, culture and sleaze. This explicit 'mockumentary' celebrated the diversity of gay culture. Peart continues to show work in film festivals and on network TV.

Gasworks organised a series of five free talks and discussions with the selectors of the show and with each participant in Projection.

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