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Pipeline is an online research tool commissioned by Gasworks as part of the project Disclosures (2008-ongoing).

Pipeline (re)publishes research material generated by projects as they are developed for Gasworks exhibitions and residency programmes. Pipeline is intended to find and present wider connections to, and ideas around, Gasworks’ projects, making available resources beyond commonly available biographical or searchable texts. Such materials can include relevant articles, video clips and audio material found both on and offline. In addition, writing, research and special projects produced by the artists invited by Gasworks are also presented via Pipeline.
Following Disclosures’ interest in the possible applications of Open Source methodologies in non-digital fields of cultural production, Pipeline comes out of a desire to open up and share research made from within the institution. Pipeline acts as a second online presence for Gasworks, an evolving archive to be used as a key resource for anyone interested in engaging with similar topics.

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Image: Pedro Lagoa, Archive of destruction: Department of Stuffed Geniuses, 2011, Installation view of 'Conversations With Yi Sang' Yi Sang's Memorial House, Seoul

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