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3 Oct – 19 Dec 16

Lina Hermsdorf

Often mediated through lecture performances or installations, Lina Hermsdorf’s essayistic works address questions around epistemology and its relation to the cybernetic paradigm. Having worked in the field of theatre and gradually transitioning into the visual arts, her practice is informed by cross-disciplinary techniques and an interest in narrative strategies. More

3 Oct – 19 Dec 16

Ammara Jabbar

Using found objects, Ammara Jabbar creates site-specific interventions that take a critical approach to the Urdu language. Isolating words from their function as a means of communication, her work tackles gender roles in particular by revealing parallels between the grammatical, biological and social status of women, highlighting how writing and speaking have concrete effects in everyday life. More

3 Oct – 19 Dec 16

Sriwhana Spong

Employing a multi-disciplinary approach, Sriwhana Spong explores the fertile margins where things meet, playing in the crevices of culturally inscribed boundaries through the exploration of various mediums such as film, writing, performance, dance and sculpture and the conversations which emerge between them. More

3 Oct – 19 Dec 16

Tamara Van San

Tamara Van San works with materials such as clay, synthetic gypsum and  fiberglass. Considering her sculptural work as an expression of identity, she emphasises the importance of the sculptural act, allowing her practice to be led by the possibilities and limitations of the materials she uses. More

Forthcoming Residencies

9 Jan – 27 Mar 17

Cocoy Lumbao

Cocoy Lumbao works primarily with video to explore the medium’s inherent qualities. He works with infrared video, digital manipulation and the loss of ... More

9 Jan – 27 Mar 17

Catarina de Oliveira

Catarina de Oliveira works with performance, video, and textiles. Her practice deals with storytelling, using both existing and newly-written texts that often hint ... More

9 Jan – 27 Mar 17

Adriana Minoliti

Adriana Minoliti creates pictorial work from a mix of geometry and queer theory. She uses this combination as starting point for different installations ... More

Residencies Opportunities

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3 Apr – 26 Jun 2017

For artists based in the Czech Republic

This opportunity will enable an aspiring Czech artist or artist based in the Czech Republic to undertake a fully-funded residency at Gasworks in London from 3 April – 26 June 2017. Gasworks’ residencies are opportunities for self-led professional development, artistic exchange and experimentation. More

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18 Jul – 3 Oct 16

Karolina Brzuzan

Working across sculpture, performance, publications and culinary arts, Karolina Brzuzan’s practice explores the ... More

18 Jul – 3 Oct 16

Jamie Crewe Artist Residency

Artist and singer Jamie Crewe uses objects, moving image, print, installation and publication to make diverse works which inform each other. These often stage confrontations between disparate references. More

18 Jul – 3 Oct 16

Jackie Karuti

Jackie Karuti works with video, drawing, painting, installation and performance to explore themes of death, sexuality, identity and urban culture. More

18 Jul – 3 Oct 16

Priyesh Trivedi

Formally trained as an animator, Priyesh Trivedi’s paintings and illustrations examine and invert accepted codes of behavior and societal norms, promoted to youth through various modes of visual communication. More