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11 Apr – 27 Jun 16

Heaven Baek

Heaven Baek’s practice explores how people work, gather and play in various situations or during particular occasions, forming groups and outlining territories. For ... More

11 Apr – 27 Jun 16

Barbora Kleinhamplová

Barbora Kleinhamplová’s work is rooted in the relationship between contemporary political and economic institutions and the various public they serve. She often collaborates ... More

11 Apr – 27 Jun 16

Engel Leonardo

Working across sculpture, installation and site-specific interventions, Engel Leonardo addresses issues related to climate, nature, traditional crafts, architecture and popular culture of the ... More

11 Apr – 27 Jun 16

David Mutiloa

David Mutiloa explores the legacy of postmodernism and how art, design and the market began to converge during the 1970s and 80s. Through ... More



25 Jun 16

Summer Open Studios

Drop by and get to know the visiting artists at this free event offering London audiences a unique opportunity to see, hear about and discuss the research and work-in-progress that they have been developing over the past three months.


Forthcoming Residencies

18 Jul – 3 Oct 16

Priyesh Trivedi

Formally trained as an animator, Priyesh Trivedi’s paintings and illustrations examine and invert accepted codes of behaviour and societal norms, promoted to youth ... More

18 Jul – 3 Oct 16

Karolina Brzuzan

Working across sculpture, performance, publications and culinary arts, Karolina Brzuzan’s practice explores the mechanisms governing our social life, from the basis of individual ... More

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11 Jan – 28 Mar 16

Martha Atienza

Working with video, sound and installation, Martha Atienza explores her direct environment from ... More

11 Jan – 28 Mar 16

Nicolás Gullotta

Nicolás Gullotta creates performative works that interrogate the site in which they are ... More

11 Jan – 28 Mar 16

Mariana Silva

Working across moving image and installation, Mariana Silva’s research and practice are rooted ... More

11 Jan – 28 Mar 16

Ramaya Tegegne

Ramaya Tegegne’s installations, videos, performances and publications interrogate the established narratives of art ... More