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Goddy Leye


16 June 2008 - 11 August 2008

With a background in painting, Goddy Leye now most often works with multimedia installations. His practice frequently employs video projections, spacialisation of sound, and reflecting surfaces such as mirrors, dislocating and working into the moving image as a means of exploring ideas of individual and collective memory.

Deliberately difficult to pin down, many of his works allow gaps of meaning between form and content. The four-channel video installation The Beautiful Beast 2, features a strange character (the 'beast') performing a dance, oblivious to the soundtrack of a shouting crowd which is taken from Fritz Lang's 1931 film M. Meanwhile, one lawyer and a prosecutor try to defend and to condemn his performance respectively.

Leye has exhibited internationally, including in the major touring show Africa Remix in 2005, and has previously undertaken a residency at the Rijksakademie. He is also a lecturer and the organiser of several art workshops in Douala, Cameroon.

During this residency at Gasworks he explored the potential of London as a site for cross-cultural exchange and dialogue. He worked extensively with the

Southbank Centre

on a public display project called Papa Forest; a sculptural installation in the form of a plinth that is equipped with an unorthodox mechanism for viewing the "forest" of images embedded within it.

Leye's residency is part of an exchange programme initiated through Africa Beyond, making project partnerships with other London institutions. The return match of this project is organised through Gasworks' International Fellowships Programme.

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