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In memory of Robert Loder

I want to express the deepest gratitude for the messages of condolences that we have received from members of the Triangle family as well as friends, supporters and collaborators. I have passed them onto Robert’s family who have found them extremely heart-warming during these difficult times.

It is impossible to mention all the people that have been touched by Robert’s work and spirit. In relation to Triangle, however, Karen Wilkin, NY based curator and critic, recently reminded us that “The Triangle Artists Workshop, founded in 1982 by Tony [Caro] and Robert, in Pine Plains, New York, was the beginning of it all... We're very proud of that and we think Robert and Tony were, too -- proud that what was supposed to be a one time only summer project has both continued to exist and to grow and evolve. The original Triangle of the UK, Canada, and the US has become the amazing international cat's cradle of today's Triangle Network”.

On behalf of Robert's family, we hope you will join us in celebrating and remembering how far we have come as the result of Robert’s vision, determination and ability to bring together, literally, the thousands of people and stories that make up Triangle and that will miss him.

Warmest Regards,

Alessio Antoniolli

- - - -

Established in 1994, Gasworks is a non-profit contemporary visual art organisation working at the intersection between UK and international practices and debates. We provide studios for London-based artists; commission emerging UK-based and international artists to present their first major exhibitions in the UK; and develop a highly-respected international residencies programme, which offers rare opportunities for international artists to research and develop new work in London. All programmes are accompanied by events and participatory workshops that engage audiences directly with artists and their work.

Process and development are fundamental to us. We establish long-term relationships with artists and work with them to test out new ideas and establish dialogue with peers and the public. This level of support allows artists to confidently make a significant new step in their professional career, whether the outcome is a work-in-progress, an event or an exhibition.

Over the last two decades Gasworks has worked with over 250 artists from 70 countries around the world. Many of our alumni have gone on to exhibit at major institutions and art events, and have received nominations for - or won - prestigious awards including the Turner Prize, Absolut Award and Pinchuk Art Prize. Alumni include Yinka Shonibare, Goshka Macuga, Marvin Gaye Chetwynd, The Otolith Group, Lynette Yiadom-Boakye, Tania Bruguera, Song Dong, Hassan Khan, Alexandre da Cunha, Renata Lucas, Cinthia Marcelle, Subodh Gupta and many more. 

Gasworks has recently secured its future by purchasing and redeveloping its home. The £2.1million project has given the organisation unprecedented resilience and great confidence in continuing to support new generations of emerging UK and international artists.

Gasworks is also the hub of the Triangle Network, an international network of over thirty arts organisations, mostly based in Africa, Asia and South America. Triangle Network regularly develops and facilitates artists’ residencies and workshops as well as peer-to-peer exchanges, both between the UK and the rest of the world or within a specific region. Triangle informs Gasworks’ programme, giving the organisation unparalleled opportunities to nurture and exhibit artists from across the world.