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In partnership with Archbishop Sumner Primary school

In partnership with Archbishop Sumner Primary school

In partnership with Fegans Child and Family Care

In partnership with ATD Fourth World

In partnership with Charles Edward Brooke school


Full Circle workshops with Eduardo Padilha and Michael Schwab

Launch with refreshments: Wednesday 8 October: 3.30pm -8pm
Exhibition open, 12pm – 6pm daily

Gasworks presents an exhibition of short films, photographic animations and drawings and installation shots made collaboratively by over fifty five families and four artists as part of Gasworks’ three year families programme, Even Better Together.

Since February 2008, artists Albert Potrony, Janetka Platun, Eduardo Padilha and Michael Schwab have been designing activities aimed at exploring the process of making art and the nature collaborative practices. Workshops have taken inspiration from exhibitions and residencies programmed at Gasworks such as Blades House by Matthew Darbyshire and Disclosures, and practices of Mahmoud Khaled on residency earlier in the year, and Shaina Anand currently on residency at Gasworks. Resulting works include photographs of model rooms and fantasy environments, home made telecommunication systems, and maps of collective journeys to Gasworks.

“Everyone was working together everyone was very enthusiastic and providing ideas”  - Parent

During its first year, the majority of families participating in Even Better Together have discovered Gasworks for the first time through partnerships with ATD Fourth World, Fegans Child and Family Care, Charles Edward Brooke Girls’ School and Archbishop Sumner Primary School. Joined up working in Lambeth and neighbouring boroughs has created opportunities for programme sharing, bringing new audiences to Gasworks, and bringing new activities into the programmes of existing family support groups. Over the course of the three year programme, Gasworks hopes to sustain these new relationships with organisations and local residents, building a strong and inclusive programme for local residents in the long term.

“Overall I think you are doing a great job at breaking down barriers and encouraging families to engage with a local art gallery that normally they would never think of visiting.”  - Partner

Also showing during Even Better Together exhibition will be Panel 2: “Nothing better than a touch of ecology and catastrophe to unite the social classes… the first solo exhibition in the UK for New York based artist Martin Beck.

Forthcoming Even Better Together workshops will be run in partnership with Hyde Southbank Homes and Metropolitan Housing in 2008, and during 2009 and 2010 Gasworks, will continue to deliver family workshops open to all families.


ATD Fourth World

Fegans Child and Family Care

Archbishop Sumner Primary school

Charles Edward Brooke school