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As part of Gasworks' ongoing Education and Outreach programme Even Better Together, artists Albert Potrony and Janetka Platun have been making collaborative artworks with families resident and local to the two neighbouring housing estates of Kennington Park and Ashmole. A selection of these works are displayed as a billboard on the façade of Gasworks' building, offering a unique reflection on living in the Kennington/Oval region of South London.

Across twelve sessions held in the community centres of each estate, the groups shared thoughts and ideas about their local environment. They considered how they currently interact within the area but also, how the estates could change in the future if they were in charge.

Many of the activities during the workshops looked at different methods of mapping or communicating places and spaces which are familiar to the families but perhaps unknown to others. Some groups created 'wish you were here' postcards by making cynotype photographs from objects found on their estates. Another aspect families looked at was the signage around their estate and made their own rules and signs. One rule suggested was “Every Tuesday you must have a cup of tea with your neighbour” . With this same fantastical outlook, other families created surreal street scenes using local landmarks as their starting point.

Situated between the Ashmole and Kennington Estates, the billboard on the façade of Gasworks' building will provide a public focal point for the families works. The poster will include a selection of works made by over 20 families and as such will introduce to the busy thoroughfare of Vauxhall Street an artistic intervention which is representative of Gasworks' immediate environment and neighbours.

The launch of the Even Better Together Billboard Project, will coincide with Gasworks' International Residency Artists Open Studio , when members of the public have the opportunity to visit the artists' in their studios and discuss their work in progress.