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This year Gasworks celebrates 25 years of supporting artists. Over the last two and a half decades the organisation has worked with over 500 artists from 80 countries around the world through residencies, exhibitions, public events and studio provision.

To mark the occasion, each week we will look through our archives and highlight a different artist or project, exploring our long-standing relationships with artists from Tania Bruguera, Lynette Yiadom-Boakye, to Evan Ifekoya and more.


#1 Tania Bruguera
In 1995, we hosted the residency of Cuban artist and activist Tania Bruguera which culminated in the exhibition Soñando with fellow Cuban artist Fernando Rodriguez.

For the exhibition, Bruguera constructed a series of drawings and flying objects titled De lo possible (About the possible). The flying machines were made from materials sourced from the streets of Vauxhall and Whitechapel. Read more 

#2 Yinka Shonibare
In 1995, Gasworks hosted the group exhibition ‘Original’, curated by Sonia Boyce who had a studio in our building for several years and also served as Trustee. The show featured new work by Marq Kearey, Viginia Nimarkoh, Johannes Phokela and Yinka Shonibare.

Aiming to challenge assumptions about authenticity and 'ethnicity', Shonibare had recently started to create pieces with ‘African’ fabric (Dutch wax-printed cotton) sourced from nearby Brixton market. The installation at Gasworks is an early example of Shonibare's use of what has become a key material in his work. Read more

#3 Gasworks Founding Artists
To mark the opening of Gasworks, many of the founding artists participated in the group show Dad, which ran from 11 Nov – 11 Dec 1994.

The artists included: Frances Richardson, Rebecca Fortnum, Helen Ireland, Laura Hamilton, Eve Muske Mobray Donker, Johannes Phokela, Godfried Donkor, Beth Harland, Jim Mooney, Emma Tod, Sonia Boyce, Hew Locke, Joy Gregory, Jenka Vronskia and Sean Cummins. Read more


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