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Panel discussion with curator Diego Chocano, photographer Pamela Gómez, artist Francisco Navarrete, and art historian and heritage researcher Victoria Vargas Downing about de/anticolonial perspectives in art practices from Latin America.

Organised in partnership with Latin Elephant, this conversation will focus on the politics of display, heritage and material cultures, in order to interrogate the future role and place for art within institutions.

This event accompanies Out of an instance of expiration comes a perennial showing, the first UK exhibition by Los Angeles-based artist Gala Porras-Kim. The public programme for Porras-Kim's exhibition is supported by the Korean Cultural Centre UK (KCCUK). 

Presented in partnership with Latin Elephant and Working Disobedience, as part of the programme Inhabiting Spaces (2021-2022). Supported by the Arts Council England, this programme aims to enable access and increase participation in the arts by the Latin American communities in the UK.


Speaker Biographies

Diego Chocano is a Peruvian curator, researcher and writer based in the UK. He has written for publications including Burlington Contemporary and Map Magazine and has worked on exhibitions in Scotland, Argentina and England within organisations such as the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, the Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow and the University of Essex. He is currently the Assistant Curator for the Essex Collection of Art from Latin America at the University of Essex, as well as curator for entre – rios, an interdisciplinary research group that aims to inspire ecological awareness and critical discussions about sustainability.

Pamela Gómez is a Bolivian photographer currently living and working in London. She holds a Master in Photographic Arts from the University of Westminster, London. She has exhibited in Latin America, Spain, and the UK. Her work explores the intersection between indigeneity, representation, racism and colonialism. Working across media and different formats including portraits, still lifes, collages, embroidery and video installation, her artistic practice seeks to resist simplistic narratives about indigenousness, community and cultural heritage.

Francisco Navarrete Sitja is an artist and researcher born in Santiago, Chile. He graduated from the University of Chile Faculty of Arts and undertook the Independent Study Programme (PEI) at MACBA, Barcelona. He is currently a lecturer and PhD student at BAU, Barcelona, a member of the TSOEG Temporal School of Experimental Geography (UK) and SARN (CH) networks, and co-director of L'Aquila Reale: Centro d'Arte e Natura di Civitella di Licenza (IT). The common elements in his research are the exploration of diverse material expressions in relation to representation, collective memory, and the transformation of ecosystems through extractivist logic. 

Victoria Vargas Downing is a Chilean art historian and heritage researcher based in Leeds. She is currently in the final year of her PhD at the School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies of the University of Leeds. Her research verse on the relationship between contemporary art and heritage from decolonial perspectives. She has participated in art projects in Chile, Sao Paulo, Los Angeles, Vienna, the UK, and Belgrade. She has worked as teacher and research assistant in different art organisations in Chile, including museums, galleries and non-profits. She is part of the coordinator team of the ECR Network of the Association of Critical Heritage Studies and Ventana Conference on Latin America.