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Egyptologist, music archaeologist and singer Heidi Köpp-Junk was commissioned to reconstruct a 3,300-year-old hymn for Gala Porras-Kim’s exhibition, Out of an instance of expiration comes a perennial showing. In this lecture performance, Köpp-Junk will talk about her experience bringing ancient music back to life with the help of historically accurate replicas of pharaonic musical instruments.

The public programme accompanying Porras-Kim's exhibition is supported by the Korean Cultural Centre UK (KCCUK). 



Dr. Heidi Köpp-Junk is a German Egyptologist, music archaeologist and classical trained singer. She has excavated in Germany and Egypt (Dahshur, Elephantine, Buto, Sakkara, Qantir, Abydos, Athribis Temple) for institutions such as the German Archaeological Institute in Cairo (DAI). She has published three books and over 100 articles about music in ancient Egypt and other topics. She is currently an Assistant Professor in Egyptian Archaeology at the Institute of Mediterranean and Oriental Cultures, section Egyptian Temples, at the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. As a trained singer she performs songs from ancient Egypt, composed by her from sources like papyrus Harris 500 and papyrus Chester Beatty, while playing a replica of a pharaonic lute and other ancient instruments including the sistrum, lyre and frame drum.