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Hassan Khan

For his first major presentation in the UK, Hassan Khan will be undertaking an ambitious new project incorporating a residency, an exhibition and a series of off-site events. Khan’s practice includes video installations, interventions in printed media, lecture performances, text works and also music performances. The work possesses a distinct conceptual base, often implicating viewers within the scope of his ideas through the various forms it may take. Often Khan will combine this approach with investigations into issues surrounding personal experience in the urban metropolis, particularly in relation to its structures of history, power, class, culture and myth that subconsciously, but often visibly, affect inhabitants. Using a compellingly striking and visceral visual language, Khan uses audio-visual means to produce highly experiential settings for assimilating the work, often allowing visitors a space to open personal associations and reactions.

For his exhibition at Gasworks, Hassan Khan’s KOMPRESSOR project will present a newly commissioned installation, which marks a more speculative approach by the artist to exhibition-making. Khan will intuitively translate collections of dreams through different forms both visual and aural, attempting to engage with their logic. These elements will connect with and disconnect from each other by their very nature and through personal encounter. Incorporating a new video, photographic elements, sound, music, and a collection of unique publications, the exhibition space will be architecturally reconfigured as a unifying setting. Intending to modulate between experiential and content-related forms, the exhibition will also include Khan’s acclaimed recent 4-channel video installation The Hidden Location.

During his residency, Khan will take part in a series of events at Gasworks and other venues in London. These events will incorporate some of the more performance-based elements of Khan’s practice: a lecture performance, a reading from 17 and in AUC – the transcriptions, from Khan’s 56-hour long performative action of the same name, a film-screening hosted by the artist, a live music performance, and a specially produced radio broadcast.

Hassan Khan lives and works in Cairo. His recent exhibitions include: Turin Triennial, 2005; Family, You, Me and the Trajectories of a Post-Everything Era, Alexandria Contemporary Art Forum, Alexandria, 2005; Hassan Khan (solo), 2004, Galerie Chantal Crousel, Paris; and Istanbul Biennial, 2006. Khan is also participating in the Sydney Biennial, 2006.



TALK: Book reading and UK launch of 17 and in AUC
Thursday 1 June, 7pm
At Gasworks

Khan reads from transcriptions based upon his 2003 fourteen-day performative action held in Cairo.

LECTURE: A lecture that tries to speak of images but ends up being concerned with something else Wednesday 14 June, 7.30pm
At Camden Arts Centre

Organising sound and text into a performative situation, Khan’s lecture investigates the depth of image and its surface. The artist will be present for a discussion following the lecture.

SCREENING: Selected Single Channel Videos
Sunday 25 June, 4pm
At Ritzy Cinema

Khan’s award-winning documentary Transitions and seven short video works made between 1997 and 2002.

Sunday 2 July
At Gasworks

Khan discusses his practice with Francesco Manacorda.

SCREENING: Figure and Ground
Thursday 18 July, 7pm
At Resonance FM Clear Spot

Based on recordings of Friday sermons in Cairo, Khan will produce an hour-long live sound and text broadcast using laptop effects, live mixing and looping.

LIVE: tabla dubb
Thursday 20 July, 7.30pm
At Whitechapel Gallery

Played live by the artist, this audio-visual event is an eclectic combination of electronic music with Khan’s unique visuals.