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Goshka Maçuga

As the first exhibition of 2003 Gasworks has commissioned a major new project by Goshka Maçuga. The project will involve the recreation of a section of Sir John Soane's Museum at 13 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, the famous Picture Room, inside Gasworks. Within this facsimile, Macuga will curate an exhibition of artworks from thirty collaborating artists.

Maçuga's work encompasses sculpture and installation and explores the boundaries that define exhibition structures. Her practices seeks to put the categories of curator and gallery into a new relationship with each other by providing sculptural environments for the exhibition of other people's work. Maçuga's practice positively challenges the notion of relationships between artists and curators, examines the importance of and the problematic issues inherent in authorship and explores the role of the gallery within both the curatorial and art-making process.

This major new work by Maçuga marks an important development in her practice. Previous works in this vein have involved the creation of fantasy-like sculptural environments, based on familiar generic forms, such as the cave and the iceberg. The development of this recreating and dislocating an existing specific space illustrates a tangible deepening and broadening of the many layers of possible meaning and directions of investigation within her work.

The architect Sir John Soane's house, museum and library at No. 13 Lincoln's Inn Fields has been a public museum since the early 19th century. Soane designed the house to live in (between 1792 and 1824) but also as a setting for his antiquities and his works of art. After the death of his wife (1815), he lived there alone, constantly adding to and rearranging his collections. Today the museum is an important archive and collection, but also importantly it is a perfectly preserved example of one man's unique and personal vision of a 19th Century art gallery. The museum has been an inspiration to many contemporary artists over recent years, not just because of the treasures of the collection, but also because of the extraordinary invention employed in the arrangement and curatorship of the space itself. The entire museum viewed as a totality can be appreciated as much for the formal qualities of the arrangements of antiques and art works as for the mood and tone that the space has as an environment. It is as a response to this aspect of the museum and her fascination with the notions of private and public objects and spaces associated with the collector and the collection that Maçuga approaches this major new project.


Goshka Maçuga was born in 1967 in Warsaw, Poland and graduated from the BA Fine Art at Central St. Martin's in 1995 and Goldsmiths College MA Fine Art in 1996. Recent exhibitions include: Homeless Furniture (2002), Transmission Gallery, Glasgow; Gwangju Biennale (2002), Korea; Woof Woof (2002), Project, Dublin; ZOOBOX 2001, Austrian Cultural Forum, London; and Rock (2001), Staatliche Kunsthalle, Baden-Baden.

Participating artists include:

Reza Arameshi, Florian Balze, Sam Basu, Diann Bauer, Eva Berendes, Matt Calderwood, Lali Chetwynd, Kate Davis, Luke Dowd, Lawrence Figgs, Luke Gottelier, Lothar Götz, Louise Harris, William Hogarth, Emma Holmes, James Hopkins, Dave Humming, Heidi Kilpelainen, Ulli Knall, Silke Otto-Knapp, Lorna MacIntyre, Paul McDevitt, Sadie Murdoch, Paul Noble, Giovanni Battista Pirenesi, Stuart Purdy, Cornelius Quabeck, Michael Raedecker, Audrey Reynolds, Deborah Rigby, Gabriela Schutz, Fergal Stapleton, Georgina Starr, Guy Shoham. David Thorpe, Francis Upritchard, Saskia Olde Wolbers, Martin Westwood, David Wilkinson, Richard Woods, Gregor Wright, Neil Zakiewicz and Toby Ziegler.

Special thanks to Sir John Soane's Museum, London , Royal College of Art Collections, Artwords Bookshop, Walter Koenig Books and to all of the participating artists (see below)

Architectural Design/Concept by:

During the exhibition a panel discussion took place with:
Goshka Macuga - artist
Peter Suchin - artist, writer and critic
Fiona Boundy - Director, Gasworks Gallery
Stephen Astley - Curator of Drawings, Sir John Soane's Museum, London
Grant Watson - Director, Project, Dublin