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The Research  
In an era characterised by global migration to cities and the transformation of labour, communication and communities through the impact of technology and the Internet, the recent renewed interest and proliferation in artist residencies and international residency programmes is notable. This doctoral research post will consider how artists and curators in art residency programmes are engaging with and being shaped by these 21st century conditions, by asking how artistic and curatorial practices are interacting with new online networked practices to create transnational networks of global association and diverse collectivities.

The research will approach this topic through a number of discursive and practical approaches involving an examination of the history of artists residencies in the Triangle Network, looking at the ‘eco system’ of international collaboration and how the transnational unfolds in relationship to diversity and difference. The research is keen to explore the connection between the Triangle partners and how do the material ways of working create communities of interest across diverse material practices. Centrally the research is keen to explore the potential of new relationships opened up by Online art and curatorial practices as well as the deployment of Online communication in International partnerships.

The aim of the research is to support Gasworks to achieve a more informed understanding of its present practices and to inform Gasworks present trajectory and future strategies. The archive and networks of the international artist residency programme at Gasworks will form the basis of a fieldwork study, from which a curatorial research project will be established and result in a number of public interactions and engagements, through panel discussions, events, exhibitions, publications and online forums.

The research will bring to light the ways in which networks create new forms of transnational cultural value through a detailed examination of the innovative working relationship between international artists, curators, art organisations working within embedded urban geographies and online.

The objectives of the research are:
• To critically evaluate Gasworks’ Triangle international art network
• To work with artists, theorists, curators and technologists on modelling open and cooperative networks for contemporary transnational art
• To understand the relationship between transnational art practices and contemporary urban culture

Potential questions include:
• How might online curating relate to Gasworks’ commissioning processes and how could online networks bring new practices to light?• What can be learned from Gasworks’ international network of arts organisations as a contribution to the public arts field and how might it impact upon wider public arts policy and practice?
• What is the significance of London for the growth of contemporary transnational art practices?
• How is Gasworks’s international art programme relevant to the everyday experience of the city?

Curating, Online networks, Transcultural Practices, Transnational, Communities, Urban (Identity / Cosmopolitanism + ….)