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Artists Uschi Gatward, Matthew Krishanu and their three-year-old daughter were Family in Residence at long term Even Better Together project partner St Stephen’s Children’s Centre. During an initial research period in July 2013 Gatward, Krishanu and their daughter participated in Centre activities and began a focused dialogue with those interacting within this setting.

The residency builds upon a long running a series of collaborations that have resulted in various exchanges and meeting points between Gasworks and local families accessing early years services. The move away from a more traditionally conceived workshop-led project seeks to rethink how Gasworks can continue to work within the complex landscape of local authority children’s and family services, and the multi agency working that surrounds this. It also seeks to reimagine how Gasworks can extend the working proceses of artists within the wider context that the Participation programme works in.

The Family in Residence continues Gasworks’ focus on developing its Participation programming with a genuine and committed focus on those who it encounters through its activities, and finding innovative ways to respond to these encounters. It is one of numerous approaches Gasworks is developing that seeks to interrogate current practice, and reimagine further meeting points between those within the network of local individuals, families, organisations, community groups and artists that has been created through Gasworks’ Participation programming.

Running alongside this research period Gasworks has commissioned the artist family to produce a new commission that will be installed at the Children’s Centre, situating contemporary art making within the context that inspired it.