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Frank WANG Yefeng, Slow Spectre, billboard commission for Fulfilment Services Ltd., 2021 - Image courtesy of Fulfilment Services Ltd.

D.N.A., Welcome to the Crisis, billboard commission for Fulfilment Services Ltd., 2021 - Image courtesy of Fulfilment Services Ltd.

Florence Jung, Jung79, billboard commission for Fulfilment Services Ltd., 2021 - Image courtesy of Fulfilment Services Ltd.

Arvid&Marie with Post Neon, Smartphone, billboard commission for Fulfilment Services Ltd., 2021 - Image courtesy of Fulfilment Services Ltd.

London Billboard Site Map, Fulfilment Services Ltd., 2021

At Fulfilment Services Ltd. we begin at the logistics of the systemised supply chain: algorithm to ‘click to buy’ to factory worker to shipping container to gig delivery driver to momentarily satisfied and fulfilled consumer; from there we link, de-link, and re-link. With Gasworks as the nexus of a series of public interventions, we invite international artists Arvid&Marie, DNA, Florence Jung, and Frank Wang Yefeng to respond to the contemporary provocation of an anti-fulfilment narrative. 

Under existing infrastructures of production and consumption, networks are constantly in multi-directional movement building new needs once existing ones have been satisfied. In an ever-expanding and dissatisfying system we ask crucially: is capitalism fulfilling consumers or are consumers fulfilling capitalism? 

The four new artist commissions situate themselves in and around London on billboards, on circulating delivery vehicles, and digitally in a variety of forms including an e-commerce platform and website. These works come together under the unified spirit of corroding existing networks of dissemination. At Fulfilment Services Ltd. our disseminated medium is very much part of our message: join us in imagining alternative realities of fulfilment by interrogating the chain of production, networks of transportation, and the extortionist quality of fabricated needs. 

Join us on May 5th at 6pm BST for an online curatorial tour and Q&A. To RSVP please email us at or join at this Zoom link.

May 4th will mark the launch of our billboard challenge in which we invite our audience to visit and document as many billboards as they can out of the twelve sites. The hughest number of billboards visited will receive a special reward. To enter our billboard challenge, please follow us on Instagram where you can find more details.

Fulfilment Services Ltd. is curated by: Andreanne Beguin, Zidong Chen, Sarah Daher, Zifei Ge, Hayley Gibson, Jiawei Gu and Brenna Horrox from the MA Curating Contemporary Art Programme, as part of the Graduate Projects 2021, Royal College of Art in partnership with Gasworks.   

Visit our website and e-commerce platform at:

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Artist Biographies


DNA brings FCNN’s members Anita Beikpour and Dina El Kaisy Friemuth together with artist and music producer Neda Sanai.  Since its inception in 2016, FCNN – Feminist Collective With No Name has compiled a variety of initiatives internationally. Since joining with Neda Sanai in 2020,  they have started a new project,, which functions as an eco-feminist organism of different collaborations and conversations about a socio-ecological time and space in crisis.

Frank Wang Yefeng

Frank Wang Yefeng is an interdisciplinary artist working across media including 3D animation, video, installation, sculpture and poetry. His work is concerned with finding meaning in life through borders, travelling overseas, and between fact and fiction. Most recently, he has been working on animations in which objects are converted to “characters” who are repeatedly inflated and deflated. They carry the riddles of our current time and provoke thoughts on an alternative future.


Arvid&Marie is a duo of artists, experience designers and technological adventurers always aiming to discover new ways to stretch our world. Together Arvid Jense and Marie Caye use interactive objects and performative storytelling focusing their creative attention on practical cybernetics, autonomous machines and other emerging technologies. They believe that researching how humans express themselves, philosophically and technologically, can lead to long-lasting, positive change.

Florence Jung 

Florence Jung configures scripted situations, uncertain events and spaces of ambiguity. Her practice is inspired by camouflage tactics that examine the social circumstances of an era oversaturated by images, facts, and post-facts.


This project is supported by Jack Arts and Print and Digital.