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What is the relationship between the physical and the digital in relation to spaces of artistic production or work?

How can the digital be used as a means of activating participation through networks?

How does the digital reflect and produce contemporary nomadism and temporary forms of living?

These three questions form the basis of Itinerant Assembly’s Hackpad Event, the final assembly of Itinerant Assembly's project.

Staged simultaneously at Gasworks, Green Rooms artist hotel and creative workspace Second Home, the Hackpad Event draws together questions the project has raised and interrogated over the last 5 months.

During the Hackpad Event, artists will engage with, interpret and interrupt a live online conversation that takes place through a Hackpad, a collaborative online document that can be updated in real time. Each artist or artist group is responsible for one site, though their performance may bleed into, inform and link with the others, creating a fluid and unpredictable space. Invited artists are (play)groundless (Gasworks), Jane Frances Dunlop & Mira Loew (Green Rooms) & Luli Perez (Second Home).

At Gasworks, (play)ground-less’ installation will form a stage for the Hackpad. Their VR environment will be projected into the space as they use this platform to respond to the Hackpad discussion, and speak into the space in real time.

Invited international participants to the Hackpad conversation include artists and researchers Christopher Kulendran Thomas, Shumi Bose, Zheng Bo and Lina Hermsdorf.

Book your place here - Free but booking essential. 


Itinerant Assembly is a partnership between Gasworks and MA Curating Contemporary Art students from Royal College of Art.