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Reading Troupe #07, Heidelberg Kunstverein, 2017, Emma Haugh

Event Times:
Wednesday 15th March - 17.30 - 21.30 
Thursday 16th March - 17.30 - 21.30 

Artist Emma Haugh develops a new edition of her ongoing, roaming and mutating ‘Reading Troupe’ for a small group of participants; a performative workshop in Vauxhall across two consecutive evenings, the first part at the Bonnington Centre and the second part at Gasworks.

The Reading Troupe is an attempt to collectively enter the body of a chosen text through improvisation, amateur dramatics, gesture, collage, cut ups, interruption and other contingent forms, rather than analytic and academic language. This will be the first UK iteration of the Reading Troupe and is part of Itinerant Assembly, a project by a group of RCA Curating Contemporary Art MA students, in partnership with Gasworks. 

This is a free event, though places are limited and booking is essential.

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