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(play)ground-less, Publication, 2015, Image courtesy of Space In Between

The CCA Master of Arts programme at the Royal College of Art has partnered with Gasworks in order to enable students to gain direct knowledge and experience of working collaboratively with artists and public arts organisations. The partnership presents the opportunity to explore curatorial innovation in the context of creative and responsible practice.

A group of students are working regularly at Gasworks with exhibitions staff on a collaborative project, Itinerant Assembly, that engages directly with Gasworks' exhibition, residency and public programme through meetings with staff, studio visits, participating and attending public events. Participants: Alice White, Chloe Hodge, Hannah Zafiropoulos, Rosie Hermon, Tiffany Leung and Xiaoyi Nie.


Itinerant Assembly

What does it mean to inhabit the temporary?
Where do we find the local, when we are constantly on-the-move?
Who forms our community, when we exist inside a global network?
And what does it mean to be an artist in today’s digitalised and nomadic world?

Itinerant Assembly investigates the productive potential of temporary collaborations of people in real and virtual space, framed against the voluntary and forced nomadism that defines the lives of many people today within global cities. The project considers how digital technologies enable and sustain hyper-mobile communities, creating networks of people able to collaborate across different countries and time zones.

Itinerant Assembly takes place as a series of ‘assemblies’ of people that enact ideas informed by ongoing research around nomadic practices and temporary togetherness, in collaboration with artists and other cultural practitioners. Taking place between January and May, Assembly 1 comprised a series of interviews with current Gasworks residency artists, to better understand the experience of an artist residency today. How does working between different locations impact upon an artist’s practice? What are the networks of connections, experiences and localities that an artist in residence practices within? 

Itinerant Assembly from Royal College of Art on Vimeo.

The project continues with a series of public assemblies:  

Assembly 2: A ‘Reading Troupe’ led by artist Emma Haugh, that uses improvisation techniques to embody extracts of the text The Temporary Autonomous Zone by Hakim Bey.

Assembly 3: Collective practice They Are Here invites you to sign up for their Movement Workshop with dancer Thiru Seelan, followed by a picnic discussion in Kennington Park.

Assembly 4: International artist collective (play)ground-less will create the penultimate assembly in which the four artists, located in different timezones, will meet and work in virtual reality, occupying a space accessible to the public within an immersive installation at Gasworks.

Assembly 5: The assemblies will culminate in a live discussion taking place on a hackpad, an online open source platform, animated by artists’ intervention across multiple sites.

All assemblies and their individual methodologies will be creatively documented through an evolving digital platform.

Follow Itinerant Assembly:
Twitter: @I_Assembly
Instagram: @itinerant_assembly