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Gasworks’ programme of artist led outreach workshops respond directly to each artists’ own participatory practice or are inspired by Gasworks’ programme of exhibitions and international residencies. Participants are encouraged to develop and express personal views and artistic ideas through creative and collaborative activities, working together to achieve a shared aim. 

Workshops are offered to participants through partnerships with local schools, Children’s Centres, and community groups. Projects are often spread over a number of sessions, encouraging continuity and allowing artists and participants the time and space to develop strong relationships with one another. This methodology also gives them the opportunity to develop complex and ambitious ideas and projects together. 

Workshops employ various art forms including storytelling, live performances and video making as well as more traditional forms such as painting, drawing and printmaking. Recent projects have included utilising choreography and movement to examine the meaning of fairness and cooperation; and making large scale sculptures to collectively create a new community and make the shelters needed to live in a new environment.