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3 Apr – 26 Jun 17

Claudia Pagès

Claudia Pagès works across spoken word/music performances, publications and objects to explore the uses and affects of language and the role it plays ... More

3 Apr – 26 Jun 17

Aleš Čermák

Aleš Čermák creates publications, exhibitions and performances that follow the movements of structures and systems within a globalised socio-political context. The body acts ... More

3 Apr – 26 Jun 17

Ieva Kraule

Ieva Kraule produces sculptural objects often using materials such as ceramics, rubber, metal and stone. Accompanying these objects are short stories, loosely based ... More

3 Apr – 26 Jun 17

Minja Gu

Minja Gu’s work examines the tension between individuals and the societal norms and institutions they inhabit. She establishes conditions in which interventions in ... More



24 Jun 17

Summer Open Studios

Open Studios 12-6pm Artist Talks 4pm Join us for a performance by Aleš Čermák at 2pm - [0] ↔ AiS&SiA. Drop in - ... More

Forthcoming Residencies

3 Jul – 18 Sep 17

Beto Shwafaty

Beto Shwafaty produces installations, videos and sculptural objects using a diverse array of materials and methodologies, such as curatorial thinking, institutional strategies, criticism ... More

3 Jul – 18 Sep 17

Rachal Bradley

Rachal Bradley approaches art as a behavioral problem spanning from the private individual to the societal by way of constant, mutually dynamic energy ... More

3 Jul – 18 Sep 17

Ranjit Kandalgaonkar

Ranjit Kandalgaonkar’s work focuses primarily on unseen and ignored processes of urbanisation. He draws on contemporary visual media, archival research and historical artefacts ... More

3 Jul – 18 Sep 17

Portia Zvavahera

Portia Zvavahera's paintings are characterized by a deep engagement with colour, often integrating finely detailed textile-like patterns and expressive gestural marks. She regularly ... More

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9 Jan – 27 Mar 17

Cocoy Lumbao

Cocoy Lumbao works primarily with video to explore the medium’s inherent qualities. He ... More

9 Jan – 27 Mar 17

Catarina de Oliveira

Catarina de Oliveira works with performance, video, and textiles. Her practice deals with ... More

9 Jan – 27 Mar 17

Adriana Minoliti

Adriana Minoliti creates pictorial work from a mix of geometry and queer theory. ... More

9 Jan – 27 Mar 17

Ben Rosenthal

Working across performance, film, and sculpture, Ben Rosenthal’s practice seeks to problematize the ... More