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7 Jan – 25 Mar 19

Pablo Accinelli

Pablo Accinelli’s work manipulates and subverts familiar objects to reveal latent uses and functions, often featuring measuring tools, modular typographies, publications and items ... More

7 Jan – 25 Mar 19

Tiago Mestre

Tiago Mestre’s practice is concerned with the idea of displacement, both in terms of discipline and territory. Originally trained as architect, his sculptures ... More

7 Jan – 25 Mar 19

Cian Dayrit

Cian Dayrit appropriates traditions of cartography and spatial representation to present a critical stance on the authorship and content of the map format. ... More

7 Jan – 25 Mar 19

Miriam Laura Leonardi

Miriam Laura Leonardi works across site-specific projects, installations, collaborations and ephemeral gatherings, to interrogate language and signs as constructs of meaning and find ... More

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1 Oct – 17 Dec 18

Shah Numair Ahmed Abbasi

Shah Numair Ahmed Abbasi’s practice draws on popular culture, anecdotes and colloquialisms to ... More

1 Oct – 17 Dec 18

Pilar Quinteros

Pilar Quinteros, Cathedral of Freedom, 2015. Video (20"13'), photograph and drawings. Courtesy of the artist.  More

1 Oct – 17 Dec 18

Hikalu Clarke

Hikalu Clarke’s practice considers how architecture affects and dictates the agency of those ... More

1 Oct – 17 Dec 18

Fátima Rodrigo Gonzales

Fátima Rodrigo Gonzales works across drawing, sculpture, video and installation to explore the ... More