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30 Sep – 15 Dec 19

Alana Iturralde

Alana Iturralde works across textiles, ceramics, photography and video to explore the poetics of craft and its relationship with cultural identity. Of particular ... More

30 Sep – 15 Dec 19

Deborah Joyce Holman

Deborah Joyce Holman is an artist and curator whose work and writing considers notions of legitimacy, authorship and subjectivity and representation. Her recent ... More

30 Sep – 15 Dec 19

Christina Pataialii

Christina Pataialii’s paintings operate between abstraction and representation, exploring the tensions that arise from merging culturally specific codes and visual languages. Her work ... More

30 Sep – 15 Dec 19

Haider Ali Naqvi

Haider Ali’s work is informed by the experience of his immediate surroundings, particularly the built environment and how we move through and interact ... More



7 Dec 19

Winter Open Studios

Artists: Alana Iturralde (Puerto Rico), Deborah Joyce Holman (Switzerland), Christina Pataialii (New Zealand), and Haider Ali Naqvi (Pakistan) More

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1 Jul – 16 Sep 19

Ana Mazzei

Ana Mazzei’s sculptures and installations resemble imaginary scenarios and groupings of props, often ... More

1 Jul – 16 Sep 19

Mulenga Jestina Mulenga

Mulenga Jestina Mulenga’s works considers current and historical representations of female black bodies ... More

1 Jul – 16 Sep 19

Niyeti Chadha

Niyeti Chadha’s drawings and collages and sculptures document a constantly transforming urban landscape, ... More

1 Jul – 16 Sep 19

Andres Bedoya

Andres Bedoya’s work weaves personal history with that of the Andean region of ... More