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2 Apr – 18 Jun 18

Jithinlal N R

Jithinlal N R’s paintings and drawings engage with the difficulties of representing complexity visually, often focusing on the representation of oppressed and marginalised ... More

2 Apr – 18 Jun 18

Antoni Hervàs

Antoni Hervàs’ practice stems from research around the limits of drawing. This discipline, simple and elastic in its essence, allows other disciplines to ... More

2 Apr – 18 Jun 18

Lydia Debeer

Lydia Debeer, Hunt the Hunter While He Hunts, (2016), un-folded paper, 100 x 150 cm. Courtesy of the artist and HISK,Ghent   More

2 Apr – 18 Jun 18

Antonio Vega Macotela

Antonio Macotela works across a variety of mediums to explore what constitutes labour, both in terms of time and energy and correspondingly in ... More

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8 Jan – 26 Mar 18

Osías Yanov

Working across sculpture, video and performance, Osías Yanov undertakes research in museums, archives ... More

8 Jan – 26 Mar 18

Pedro Neves Marques

Pedro Neves Marques is a visual artist and writer, working across fiction and ... More

8 Jan – 26 Mar 18

Romy Rüegger

Romy Rüegger develops performances, audio works and writings that consider how we move ... More