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2 Oct – 18 Dec 17

Katrina Beekhuis

Katrina Beekhuis creates installations using objects or structures which are embedded, aligned or enmeshed with the physical space they inhabit. Conceptually tenuous, they ... More

2 Oct – 18 Dec 17

Patricia Domínguez

Patricia Domínguez works across video, installation, drawing and writing. Her work traces the relationships of affection, labour and obligation that are emerging from ... More

2 Oct – 18 Dec 17

Mahbub Jokhio

Mahbub Jokhio’s work considers the nature of images; their claims to objectivity and ability to manipulate meaning and perception. Working in various mediums, ... More

2 Oct – 18 Dec 17

Andrés Pereira Paz

Andrés Pereira Paz’s work focuses on how the circulation of people and information affects national, regional and global imaginaries, revealing the construction of ... More



9 Dec 17

Winter Open Studios

Get to know the visiting artists at this free event offering London audiences a unique opportunity to see, hear about and discuss the research and work-in-progress that the artists' have been developing over the past three months. More

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3 Jul – 18 Sep 17

Beto Shwafaty

Beto Shwafaty produces installations, videos and sculptural objects using a diverse array of ... More

3 Jul – 18 Sep 17

Rachal Bradley

Rachal Bradley approaches art as a behavioral problem spanning from the private individual ... More

3 Jul – 18 Sep 17

Ranjit Kandalgaonkar

Ranjit Kandalgaonkar’s work focuses primarily on unseen and ignored processes of urbanisation. He ... More

3 Jul – 18 Sep 17

Portia Zvavahera

Portia Zvavahera's paintings are characterized by a deep engagement with colour, often integrating ... More