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2 Jul – 17 Sep 18

Rafael RG

Rafael RG is a visual artist and writer. His practice focuses on Sexual and affective relationships and their political implications as well as ... More

2 Jul – 17 Sep 18

Lungiswa Gqunta

Lungiswa Gqunta’s practice considers the hidden structures of exclusion and oppression that continue to perpetuate the legacy of colonialism and how this is ... More

2 Jul – 17 Sep 18

Sylbee Kim

Sylbee Kim’s video installations appropriate historical records and iconography to produce a parallel reality that proposes different possibilities of a future audiovisual language. ... More

2 Jul – 17 Sep 18

Libita Clayton

Libita Clayton generates performances, programmes events and sets up discursive situations, often working in partnership with DIY broadcasting / publishing cultures and collectives. ... More

Forthcoming Residencies

1 Oct – 17 Dec 18

Shah Numair Ahmed Abbasi

Shah Numair Ahmed Abbasi’s practice draws on popular culture, anecdotes and colloquialisms to stage personal and social narratives. His work attempts to challenge ... More

1 Oct – 17 Dec 18

Pilar Quinteros

Pilar Quinteros, Cathedral of Freedom, 2015. Video (20"13'), photograph and drawings. Courtesy of the artist.  More

1 Oct – 17 Dec 18

Hikalu Clarke

Hikalu Clarke’s practice considers how architecture affects and dictates the agency of those who occupy it. His work engages with the post-9/11 shift ... More

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8 Month Participation Residency for London-based artist

Gasworks is seeking to appoint an artist whose practice is concerned with the advancement of participation within a contemporary art environment; who is committed to engaging with the local community around the Lambeth and Southwark area. More

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2 Apr – 18 Jun 18

Jithinlal N R

Jithinlal N R’s paintings and drawings engage with the difficulties of representing complexity ... More

2 Apr – 18 Jun 18

Antoni Hervàs

Antoni Hervàs’ practice stems from research around the limits of drawing. This discipline, ... More

2 Apr – 18 Jun 18

Antonio Vega Macotela

Antonio Vega Macotela works across a variety of mediums to explore what constitutes ... More

2 Apr – 18 Jun 18

Lydia Debeer

Lydia Debeer, Hunt the Hunter While He Hunts, (2016), un-folded paper, 100 x 150 cm. Courtesy of the artist and HISK,Ghent   More