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8 Jan – 26 Mar 18

Patricia Perez Eustaquio

Patricia Perez Eustaquio’s work considers the ways in which we use and consume objects, through discourse, utility and adornment. Working across a variety ... More

8 Jan – 26 Mar 18

Osías Yanov

Osías Yanov works across sculpture, performance, film, and dance to reconfigure the visibilities and invisibilities of identities and cultures, from both an ancient ... More

8 Jan – 26 Mar 18

Pedro Neves Marques

Pedro Neves Marques is a visual artist and writer, working across fiction and theory, be it in the form of short-fiction stories and ... More

8 Jan – 26 Mar 18

Romy Rüegger

Romy Rüegger develops performances, audio works and writings that consider how we move and communicate in social space, and the institutions and structures ... More



17 Mar 18

Spring Open Studios

Open Studios 12-6pm Artist talks 4pm Get to know the visiting artists at this free event offering London audiences a unique opportunity to ... More

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2 Oct – 18 Dec 17

Katrina Beekhuis

Katrina Beekhuis creates installations using objects or structures which are embedded, aligned or ... More

2 Oct – 18 Dec 17

Mahbub Jokhio

Mahbub Jokhio’s work considers the nature of images; their claims to objectivity and ... More

2 Oct – 18 Dec 17

Patricia Domínguez

Patricia Domínguez works across video, installation, drawing and writing. Her work traces the ... More

2 Oct – 18 Dec 17

Andrés Pereira Paz

Andrés Pereira Paz’s work focuses on how the circulation of people and information ... More