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Adelaide Cioni, Six or seven (is the number of times Mary speaks in the New Testament), 2019. Acrylic, fabric, china, paper, cardboard, wood, Madonna del Pozzo, Spoleto. Courtesy of the artist.

Adelaide Cioni, To be naked. Legs, 2020. Wool stitched on canvas. 180 x 118cm. Courtesy of the artist. Photo: C. Favero.

Adelaide Cioni, Ab ovo. Field notes, 2020. 80 etchings on slides, Kodak Carousel projection. Courtesy the artist and P420, Bologna. Photo: C. Favero.

Adelaide Cioni, Ab ovo. Four patterns, 2020. Fabric stitched on canvas. 184 x 156 cm, each 84 x 74 cm. Courtesy the artist and P420, Bologna. Photo: C. Favero.

Adelaide Cioni’s works at the intersection of textile, painting, and performance. The constant elements at the core of her practice are drawing and an absence of narration. Her research plays with physical perception and mnemonic reactions, to question the conventions that are built around the body and the difficulty to cope with having a specific sex, and to consider what it might mean to translate ourselves beyond our bodies. Cioni’s work also utilises decorative patterns to engage with a form of shared non-verbal communication that has existed throughout human history.

During her residency Cioni will continue working on Ab ovo, her ongoing research project on decorative patterns, and expand it through a connection with music. Characterized by repetition, abstraction, and a tendency towards nature, these motifs resemble a process and a gesture that is both repetitive and abstract like rhythm and melody.   


Artist Biography

Adelaide Cioni lives and works in Bevagna. She studied drawing at UCLA, Los Angeles, and holds a BA in Sculpture from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome (2015). With an MA in contemporary history and a master’s degree in Literary Translation, for ten years she translated American literature. Her recent projects include: Io dico io (I say I), Galleria Nazionale, Rome; And the flowers too, Museo orto botanico, Rome; 141. Un secolo di disegno in Italia, Fondazione del Monte di Bologna e Ravenna, Bologna; Painting stone, Villa Lontana, Rome; Tout court. Un aperçu de l’art italien, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Paris; Dante. Un’epopea pop, MAR, Ravenna; Mirabilia, Casa Italia, XXXII Olimpycs, Tokyo; (all 2021); Ab ovo, solo stand for P420 in the curated section, Pittura XXI, Artefiera, Bologna (2020); Shape, color, taste, smell and sound, double solo show with Guy Mees, P420; Six or seven, Madonna del Pozzo, Spoleto (both 2019).); Arte per tutti, CIAC Gallery, Foligno; Che fare?, The Independent Project-MAXXI, Rome; Roar, Spazio Ulisse, Chiusi; and Pink punk performance, with Fabio Giorgi Alberti, da Franco, Rome (all 2018).


Residency Supporter

Adelaide Cioni’s residency is supported by Fondazione Memmo.