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Catalina Bauer, Column (2nd version, red and white), 2010.
Eighty kilos of red and white knitted rubber bands.
Exhibited in Tectonic Shifts: Contemporary Art from Chile, Saatchi Gallery, London (2011).

Catalina Bauer, Lapso 1, 2008.
Exhibited in Disegnos, Finis Terrae University. Santiago, Chile.

Catalina Bauer, Creces, 2006.
Hammock, flour, and dirt.
Sala Universitaria. Concepción, Chile.

Catalina Bauer, Celosias, 2010.
Installation view at Casa de America. Madrid, Spain.

Catalina Bauer, Map (3rd version), 2005.
plastic bags filled with water. 12 x 4 meters.
Installation view at Tectonic Shift: Contemporary Art from Chile, Saatchi Gallery, London (2011).

Catalina Bauer, Chacra, 2009.
Die Ecke Arte Contemporaneo, Santiago, Chile.

Catalina Bauer, Habitos, 2008.
Dry point over transparency paper over black background.
Die Ecke Arte Contemporaneo, Santiago, Chile.

Catalina Bauer's work illustrates a consistent preoccupation with daily routine and working lives, through the use of everyday materials, to dramatic and sublime effect.

With a clear interest in process and transformation, Bauer focuses on a specific and functional, yet sensorially pleasing material for each work. She then sets about applying a series of hand-worked manipulations, often painstaking, labour intensive processes, transforming objects and so granting them new life. These works incorporate natural elements, inferring a notion of temporality and change, with objects of industrial production, with the intent of finding some kind of poetic balance between the two.

At Gasworks, the artist is focusing upon the study of colour, texture and production techniques within the context of the city. In addition, Bauer will collaborate with Gasworks' Education and Outreach Programme to engage local families and schools in Lapso, an on-going installation composed of hundreds of used pencils that serves as a study of colour, space and the process of drawing.

DONATE A PENCIL! Catalina Bauer asks Gasworks visitors to donate used colour pencils for her collaborative project. If you have any to spare, bring them along to Gasworks any day during gallery opening hours or during events– all colours and shapes are welcome!


Catalina lives and works in Santiago, Chile. Recent solo shows include: Puesto, Galeria Centro, Talca, Chile (2010), Chacra, Galeria Die Ecke Arte Contemporaneo, Santiago, Chile (2009), Replica (duo show with Claudia Rodriguez), Galeria Haus der Kunst, Gauadalajara-Jalisco, Mexico (2008), De Tripas Corazon, Galeria H10, Valparaiso, Chile (2007).

Catalina Bauer's residency was made possible through our partnership with BECA AMA. The grants program for BECA AMA is curated by Cecilia Brunson. 

BECA AMA is an initiative set up to support contemporary art in Chile. Through their support of residencies, they are able to create opportunities for exchanges and connections for artists, generating an important platform for the dissemination of Chilean art wordwide.