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Haider Ali Naqvi, Sibtain Manzil (2019). Graphite on paper, ink on tracing, photographs, thumb tacks, paper clips, khaddar cloth, broken marble slabs and box frames. Courtesy of the artist.

Haider Ali Naqvi will be undertaking a residency at Gasworks from 30 September - 16 December 2019.

Haider’s work reflects on the ever-changing landscape of cities by contrasting multiple points of view. His work often combines traditional sketching techniques, such as graphite on paper, with found photographs and archival materials collected over extended periods time.

During his residency at Gasworks, Haider is planning to explore the inherent connection many South Asian migrants feel with both the UK and their respective countries of origin. He hopes this research will allow him to interrogate notions of homeland, tradition and cultural belonging.

Haider Ali Naqvi's residency is supported by the Rangoonwala Foundation and the Charles Wallace Pakistan Trust.