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The work of Vélez has been described as 'a metaphor for love, sex and mortality'. In his installations, with a characteristic mix of seriousness and humor, he uses video, photography and CD Rom to explore emotional states and to transform everyday objects into something personal, strange and unrecognizable.

For his open studio at Gasworks, Vélez will presented The Caretaker, a video installation that combines hallucinations, obsessions and memories. It is set in Manchester's Victoria Baths, which was closed in 1993, and was the finest historic swimming pool complex of its day in the north of England.

His residency concluded with L'Avventura, an installation piece at St Peter's Church, Vauxhall, where Vélez hung a papier-mâché piñata in the shape of a pterodactyl. L'Avventura is inspired by fantasies and scientific discoveries of the Victorian era.

L'Avventura was shown at Vauxhall St Peter's Heritage Centre, 310 Kennington Lane, London SE11 5HY from 10 January to 10 February 2002.

Humberto Vélez works as an artist, film-maker and art critic. He has exhibited extensively in Latin America and in Europe and has been selected to present the centrepiece of the Lima Biennial in 2002. He lives and works in Panama and UK.

La Fiesta de la Piñata

During the residency Humberto Velez lead a workshop with the Children from St Anne's RC Primary School, Vauxhall. The workshop elaborated on the theme of the gift and how it provides information on us and our culture. The project involved the construction and the smashing of Piñatas which took place at the Oval House's cafe in Lambeth. See the videos and read more.