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Participation artists in residence Laima Leyton and Lexy Morvaridi have been using a residency studio throughout the year to work on InnerSwell. Developed as a series of collaborations with people living in the vicinity of Gasworks, the project explores memory and sound and is inspired by Deep Listening, a process of ‘Active Listening'. 


Manifesto/Artist Statement 

InnerSwell is an invitation and an offering.

InnerSwell can only exist collectively and collaboratively.

Listening is active participation in InnerSwell. 

InnerSwell is a meeting of people, an opportunity to share and communicate through the creative process. 

Laima and Lexy are not InnerSwell alone; they offer a fertile dome for others to create and express themselves. 

InnerSwell is a safe and open space. 

InnerSwell uses sound as a tool to connect to memories.

InnerSwell advocates music and sound free from its structured forms.

InnerSwell activities should always be flexible, accessible, and inclusive. 

InnerSwell aims to empower through collective experiences of sound, and the creative process. 

InnerSwell aims to break down the barriers between music, art, and communities through collaborative processes in crafting and cultivating sound.

Underpinning the practice of Innerswell is the capability of sonic experiences to allow people to expand in time and space.


The Ritual

As a result of their residency, InnerSwell created The Ritual. The Ritual is presented as a set of cards with ‘sonic provocations’, questions inviting the players to share responses that engage the memory and the moment. Questions such as

Think of a sound you’ve left behind? 

What is the most subtle sound you can hear? 

trigger memory and awareness of sound. The sounds can be shared with the group or ignite the creation of a sound piece or an artwork. A major component of the work is recontextualising the past, in the present, through sound - The Ritual often becomes a catalyst for this process to start and can create a consensus conceptual discourse. 


Artist Biographies

Rooted in the São Paulo contemporary art scene, Laima Leyton’s credentials in the world of music are firmly established as one half of Mixhell alongside her husband, Iggor Cavalera, and for her work with Soulwax. Her last work, Home, is a conceptual double album released by DEEWEE in collaboration with The Vinyl Factory that revolves around routine, power, life, and death. She has performed her music in people’s homes, creating intimate spaces for audiences to reflect upon themselves. In 2021, Laima will explore opportunities where the audience can experience sound as a reflective and healing tool. With Richard Saltoun Gallery, Laima draws on her multifaceted identity as a producer, musician, activist, artist, mother, and teacher to create eight unique sound pieces to accompany the program On Hannah Arendt: Eight Proposals for Exhibitions, engaging with themes of Infinite Past, Infinite Future and Now, Culture and Nature, Lack of Truth, and Spiritual Science.

Lexy Morvaridi is passionately involved in the UK’s independent, DIY music sector, having worked in various roles as well as grassroots projects and activism; he has an MA in Cultural and Creative Studies from Kings College London and currently programs the contemporary music at Southbank Centre. As a British-Iranian artist, he works across various sound art and music projects that explore the themes of agency and identity. As a curator and producer, he has developed various projects including co-founding the Total Refreshment Centre Record Label, producing an Arts Council Funded collaborative album and corresponding youth engagement project inspired by the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Untitled (18 Artists), which was released through the cultural platform/label co-founded with his brother, Lonely Table. 


Supported by

Gasworks Participatory Artist' Residency Programme: Bridging Divides a two year programme working directly with artists and migrant communities in Southwark and Lambeth, supported by the City Bridge Trust.