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Lauren Gault, present cOmpany, 2018. Installation view (detail), CCA Derry. Courtesy of the artist. Photo: Simon Mills.

Lauren Gault considers the political and ethical implications of our interactions with matter and the environment. Her work evokes intangible encounters with non-human experiences of time, space and physicality. In her sculptures, materials as diverse as silicone rubber, blown glass, pumped air, stitched suede, water or agricultural milk powder are subject to change through actions and physical processes that often involve pressure, tension and release. Exploring the transitions between different states of matter and scales of experience, Gault's work creates a space for objects to communicate and resonate with one another.

During her residency at Gasworks, Gault will continue her empirical research and studio-based experiments concerning material suspension and boundary dissolution. She will also research on the writings of little known Irish-born early explorer, writer and poet Martha Craig. In particular, she will look at her texts and lectures held at the British Library, private collections in Northern Ireland and Canadian institutions on early women explorers.


Lauren Gault is the fourth artist to take part in the Freelands Artist Programme at Gasworks, a programme for emerging artists based outside of London. Made possible thanks to a generous grant from the Freelands Foundation, the programme combines a three-month residency with a solo exhibition and series of public events at Gasworks. The previous participants were Jamie CreweRachal Bradley and Libita Clayton