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detail of site specific intervention in the residency studio at Gasworks

Navin Hyder uses painting and collage, working with abstraction and pattern with a sharp and humorous political edge.

Her current work uses decorative patterns informed by miniature painting, pop art, and kitsch. 100 Bombs on a Wedding Party refers obliquely and almost politely to the 2004 attack by US soldiers on an Iraqi wedding party. By incorporating shocking events and imagery into patterns, Hyder's collage works can be read as a critique of the process by which repetition and complacency can sanitise the impact of visual media - whether that be in domestic wallpaper or the international reporting of war and atrocity. The work also comments on the cultural values which background the moves to go to war.

Hyder's painting has tackled similar themes. Her residency was supported by British Council, Karachi, and her education project was supported by Lambeth Endowed Charities. At the time Hyder was also a tutor at the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture.

Arts Unwrapped Open Studios

3rd & 4th December
During November and December 2005, 40 of London's artist studios will open to the public free of charge. More information can be found here.

Visiting artists Navin Hyder and Sharon Lam will be taking part, showing work in progress made during their residencies. Artists with permanent studios at Gasworks will also take part.

Education project with Lambeth College

In a project supported by the Lambeth Endowed Charities, Hyder will work with artist Danica Maier and art students from Lambeth College on a textiles and printing project exploring issues of cultural and personal identity.

The results of the project will be on display in Gasworks' education space during the open studio event Arts Unwrapped.


Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, Pakistan

Lambeth College