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Osías Yanov, VI SESION EN EL PARLAMENTO (VI Parliamentary Session) , 2015. Performance and Sculpture. Courtesy of the artist.

Osías Yanov, Gomero, 2016. Video-performance. Courtesy of the artist.

Osías Yanov, Butt Plug bicéfalo, El Orden de las orgías (Bicephalous Butt Plug, The Order of Orgies), 2015. Black clay and steel. Courtesy of the artist.

Osías Yanov, Un año de petróleo gratis (One year of free petroleum), 2015. Video-performance. Courtesy of the artist.

Osías Yanov works across sculpture, performance, film, and dance to reconfigure the visibilities and invisibilities of identities and cultures, from both an ancient and contemporary perspective. He often works with people who embody a form of physical change, including transsexuals, drag queens, drug-addicts, athletes and dancers, to question the ways in which societies establish values and norms of bodies, gender and sexuality through codes of behaviour and gesture. 

During his residency at Gasworks, Osías plans to explore the possibility of a bodily language freed from personal histories and preconceptions, and to imagine what kind of tools and contexts might be required to create and form a notion of ‘pre-movement’.


Osías Yanov lives and works in Buenos Aires. Recent solo exhibitions include: CRISIS, Zarigüeya/Alabado Contemporáneo Pre-columbian Museum, Casa Del Alabado, Quito (2016); and VI Sesión en el Parlmento, MALBA, Latin American Art Museum of Buenos Aires (2015). Recent Group Exhibitions include: Dixit, ArteBA, Buenos Aires; En e l ejercicio de las cosas, Tabacalera, Madrid; Objeto Móvil Recomendado a las Familias, Fundación OSDE, Buenos Aires (all 2017); A Kingdom of Hours, Gasworks, London; and Plan de Evasión, Nora Fisch Galery, Buenos Aires (both 2016).

Osías Yanov’s residency is supported by by Erica Roberts and hosted in the Roberts Residency Studio. The residency is developed in partnership with URRA, in alliance with arteBA Argentina.