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Ranjani Shettar creates installations and sculptures using diverse media, making works that challenge the categorical separation between craft and sculpture. Her work stands in the thresholds between art and craft, tradition and modernity, the physical and the ethereal. '

Though never an exercise in verisimilitude, Shettar's works borrow from and bring to mind numerous naturally occurring structures. From constellations to funnel webs, clusters of berries to beehives, the works appear to spread organically across the space. For instance, Vasanta (meaning 'Spring' in Hindi) is a vast web of hand-rolled beeswax balls strung in colours varying from sky blue through pale greens and yellows. As with other suspended works, the play of light and shadow creates a looming presence.

In the catalogue of How Latitudes Become Forms in 2003 Douglas Fogle writes: 'Shettar constructs sculptural artifacts that speak obliquely to the effects of urbanization in newly high-tech Bangalore. By using a formal language that invokes the organic and a material language that suggests the industrial, she operates in a manner similar to that of Bangalore itself, where industrial urbanization is colliding with (and collapsing into) the once rural countryside. But above all else, Shettar's work asks phenomenological questions about the way in which we inhabit particular spaces in our built environment.'

Shettar's work at gasworks responded to the light in her studio in a work called Heliotropes. Working around the response of a sunflower to the light, the work in latex and thread is one of her most ambitious yet.

Open Studio

1st-3rd June, 12-6pm
Visiting artists Eugenia Calvo and Ranjani Shettar hosted an open studio at Gasworks, displaying works made during the residency.

Out There
Shettar spent three weeks working at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, on an outdoor exhibition project titled Out There, based in the SCVA's parkland surroundings. The exhibition opened on Saturday, 2nd July and can be seen until the 29th August. For further enquiries on Out There, please contact Sara Dutton by email or calling 01603 592466.


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