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Wilson Diaz is a multidisciplinary artist who works in installation, performance, video, photography and painting. He is one of the founder members in 1997 of the Festival of Performance in Cali, a nationally- and internationally- recognised event, and with Ana Maria Millàn he produces cultural programming which is broadcast in Cali. As well as occupying a teaching post, he is a member of the society of Fine Artists at the Museum of Cali.

His work varies in style, subject and medium, but is underpinned by an acute awareness of social and cultural issues affecting Colombia. Retrato is a video recording his experiences with young guerrillas in San Vicente del Caguan, during which he made small paintings on of the boys on paper. These dangerous encounters provide a rare and incongruous cultural connection, a hiatus of distraction from the inhumanities of warfare, and each of the paintings - which are small and portable - are given to the guerrillas as reminders of that event. Wilson's residency culminated in an event called Locombia organised by Fernando Arias in conjunction with Space Studios, showing the work of four Colombian artists (including Wilson) dealing with issues of culture, politics and the diaspora of the Colombian community. Locombia website.

During Locombia Wilson collaborated with Ana Maria to make video works and also exhibited some of the many paintings he made independently during his time at Gasworks. One series of paintings reproduced images from popular 1960s Latin American cartoons, naive images which despite their comic appeal also hold poignant messages about the human condition.

Wilson's residency was supported by Arts Council England Grants for the Arts and Space Studios.