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Studio Artists

About Studio Artists

Pio Abad

Working across sculpture, installation, photography and print, Pio Abad employs strategies of appropriation to reveal the social and political implications of objects. Abad ... More

Olivier Castel

Olivier Castel usually presents work under heteronyms and has created over thirty different identities since 2001. Often using ephemeral or temporal forms, he ... More

Lauren Godfrey

Lauren Godfrey’s work spans sculpture, performance, film and printmaking. Simultaneously exploring the relationship between the spoken and written word, the tension between imagery ... More

Claire Hooper

Claire Hooper's recent work has been concerned with Greek mythology, in particular the way in which Hesiod's Theogony gives an anthropomorphic familial relation ... More

Evan Ifekoya

Evan Ifekoya’s current work investigates the possibility of an erotic and poetic occupation using film, performative writing and sound, focused on co-authored, intimate ... More

Jonathan Murphy

My practice to date has largely centred on abstract or semi-figurative painting concerned with the layering of colour... More

Paul Simon Richards

The work of Paul Simon Richards explores the potential of thought to describe and make present in language that which cannot be experienced. ... More

Tai Shani

Fantastical and cinematic, Tai Shani’s performances and films contain multilayered and self-reflexive narratives that are... More

Daniel Sinsel

Daniel Sinsel's intimate, handcrafted paintings and sculptures explore classical themes of space, perspective and trompe l’oeil, using a range of traditional techniques and ... More

Victoria Sin

Victoria Sin (b. 1991) is an artist using speculative fiction within performance, moving image, writing, and print to interrupt normative processes of desire, identification, and objectification. More