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I want to express the deepest gratitude for the messages of condolences that we have received from members of the Triangle family as well as friends, supporters and collaborators. I have passed them onto Robert’s family who have found them extremely heart-warming during these difficult times.

It is impossible to mention all the people that have been touched by Robert’s work and spirit. In relation to Triangle, however, Karen Wilkin, NY based curator and critic, recently reminded us that “The Triangle Artists Workshop, founded in 1982 by Tony [Caro] and Robert, in Pine Plains, New York, was the beginning of it all... We're very proud of that and we think Robert and Tony were, too -- proud that what was supposed to be a one time only summer project has both continued to exist and to grow and evolve. The original Triangle of the UK, Canada, and the US has become the amazing international cat's cradle of today's Triangle Network”.

On behalf of Robert's family, we hope you will join us in celebrating and remembering how far we have come as the result of Robert’s vision, determination and ability to bring together, literally, the thousands of people and stories that make up Triangle and that will miss him.

Warmest Regards,

Alessio Antoniolli

- - - - 

Triangle Network is an international network of small-scale arts organisations and projects that support and disseminate the work of emerging artists through artist-led workshops, residencies, exhibitions and outreach events. With a focus on professional development and cultural exchange, Triangle encourages peer-to-peer learning and creates research opportunities for artists, curators and other arts professionals through its projects. Each network partner is independent and develops activities that respond directly to the local needs of artists and the public. 

Since its establishment in 1982 the Triangle Network has developed projects and created partnerships amongst organisations from over 40 countries around the world.

Triangle Network History

Triangle Network was founded by Sir Anthony Caro and Robert Loder in 1982 and started with an artists’ workshop in Upstate New York in the summer of the same year.

The workshop, which has become a regularly event in the US, brought together approximately 25 emerging and mid-career artists from the US, Canada and the UK, who spent 2 weeks making work alongside each other. The workshop aimed to provide these artists with the space and time to make new work informed by the exchange of ideas and the sharing of knowledge and skills. As such, the workshop focused on the process of making work rather than the product.

After the success of the initial workshops, the organisers decided to widen the project’s geographical reach and invite artists from South Africa, namely David Koloane and Bill Ainsley who, after attending the workshop in New York, decided to organise a Triangle workshop outside Johannesburg. They invited artists from South Africa and neighbouring countries, some of whom returned home and decided to start workshops of their own, thereby instigating the development of a network that, over three decades, has created projects and established partners in over 40 countries worldwide. 

Over the years, a few small organisations have joined the network and some workshops have acquired permanent spaces, becoming organisations that generally offer studios for local artists, international residencies, exhibitions and community outreach activities. Gasworks is one such organisation and is also the hub of the Triangle Network.