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International exchange through workshops, residencies and exhibitions is at the core of the Triangle Network’s mission. In addition, Triangle develops a diverse and dynamic programme of activities that include training for arts administrators and residencies for curators. Partners regularly programme artists’ talks, conferences, screenings and performances that connect artists and their work with local audiences and broaden the debates on local and international artistic practice.  


1 Nov – 20 Dec 17

Fellowship: Sophie Mallet

Sophie Mallett is a London based artist. Her practice is concerned with forms of belonging and exclusion, and how these manifest through national ... More


13 Aug – 4 Sep 17

Fellowship: Mo Sirra

Between August - September 2017 UK-based artist Mo Sirra travelled to Kampala, Uganda as part of Triangle Fellowship at 32º East. From the ... More


6 Mar – 8 May 17

Fellowship: Joanna Helfer

Joanna Helfer is undertaking a Triangle Network Fellowship at Alice Yard, Trinidad in 2017 More


13 Feb – 25 Mar 17

Fellowship: Ester Svensson

Ester Svensson undertook a Triangle Network Fellowship at Vasl, Karachi, Pakistan in 2017. More


10 Nov – 10 Dec 16

Fellowship: Maria Kapajeva

Maria Kapajeva undertook a Triangle Network Fellowship at Kooshk Residency, Tehran, Iran in 2016. More